Company Profile


HAZ Metal A.S. is located in Iskenderun, in the southern part of Turkey, based in its own property of 17.000 square meters.

The company provides services in the design and production of fixing systems for facade cladding. Design and manufacturing capabilities cover the area of stone cladding, curtain wall, brick facing walls, raincreen walls and secondary structures. Products such as brackets, framing channels, cast-in channels, support & restraint brackets, anchor bolts and various accessories are among the standard productions at the factory.

The company’s fundamental objective is to assist and advise its clients in choosing the most suitable fixing systems for their requirements and to provide them with quality production and supply with timely deliveries.

The innovative design and production techniques offer practical and economical solutions to solve every possible problem within the scope of fixing applications in facade construction.

As a manufacturer of fixing systems to major projects around the world, HAZ Metal has proven its quality and reliability to its clients. The company enjoys serving the sector and works hard to constantly improve and develop its services.

HAZ Metal is dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and is committed to being constantly in contact with its clients in order to better understand their requirements and to offer the services required for the design and production of fixing systems.

HAZ is recognized globally as international leader in the design and manufacture of adjustable fixing systems and have proven their performance in numerous projects around the world.

Our Vision

Making Hazmetal A.Ş. a “World Brand” in 2016 that keeps pace with the standards of the sector and markets its products and systems all around the world by means of the systems it developed through its inherent leadership spirit.

Our Mission

Designing and producing the product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers, and providing after sales services.
Release Date: 24.01.2015
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Main Objectives

  1. Reconstruction,
  2.  Establishment and application of cost management system with all its aspects,
  3. Planned and systematic training of the personnel
  4. Putting at least 3 new systems into use,
  5. Extending sales and marketing network,
  6. Extending post-sale service network.
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