With approximately 10.000 sqm area of production halls, HAZ Metal is equipped with more than 100 work stations and has a monthly production capacity of approximately 300 tons.

Throughout the years, production techniques and methods have been improved to achieve higher quality and productivity. HAZ Metal today implements modern technology in the production of fixing systems in order to meet the requirements of the industry.

The factory is equipped with a coil slitting machine, channel roll formers, press breaks, eccentric presses, automated end part formers, thread rolling machines, cold forging bolt makers, welding robots and various production units. Hot dip galvanizing with over 50 micro thick zinc coating is made by pre-qualified sources outside the factory.

Emphasis has also been given to automation in which faster production and lower costs are achieved through higher efficiency. HAZ Metal is able to design and build machine parts, dies and tooling in house for achieving fast and flexible production of customized items.

A work shop is present at the factory which has the capability of preparing and maintaining the required moulding and tooling used in production. This provides advantages in being more flexible, efficient and economic in operations and manufacturing processes. Production line setting, maintenance, alteration and adjustment of tooling are made without interrupting the production processes thatleads to time saving and lower costs. With this resource, HAZ Metal can supply fixing systems elements to projects of any size with great value and reliability.

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