Design & Engineering

HAZ Metal provides services in the design of fixing systems and the preparation of structural calculations. This service is done in the company technical department using CAD software and stress analysis programs.

Our technical department receives the necessary technical information of the project in order to propose the most suitable, secure, easy to use and economical fixing systems in accordance with the project criteria. Custom design is also made in accordance with the architectural drawings of the project.

HAZ Metal provides the necessary technical documentation for submittal to the project officials in order to receive approval for the fixing system elements. The following principles are used in the design and structural calculations for natural stone fixing systems.

Finite element stress analysis is implemented for complex structures where the structural integrity of the fixing systems needs to be maintained. This procedure is especially made for sub channel systems and unitised panel facade units.

HAZ Metal can offer the design and engineering services by referring to any internationally renown standards. The engineering department will relate to the specifications of the project and conduct its design and dimensioning according to the requested criteria.

Reference is made to the following standards:

European Standards

EC 0 - EN 1990 • Basis of structural design
EC 0 - EN 1090 • Execution of steel & aluminium structures
EC 1 - EN 1991-1• General Actions - Wind
EC 2 - EN 1992• Design of concrete structures. General rules
EC 3 - EN 1993• Design of steel structures
EC 6 - EN 1469• Natural stone products. Slabs for cladding
EC 6 - EN 1996• Design of masonry structures
EC 8 - EN 1998• Design of structures for earthquake resistance
EN 10088-2• Steel plates, sheets and strips stainless and heat resisting

German Standards

DIN 18 516-1• Cladding for ventilated walls

British Standards

BS 8298• Design and installation of natural stone cladding
BS 6105• Corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
BS 6399 Part 2• Code of practice for wind loads

American Standards

ASTM C1242 -12• Standard guide for stone attachment systems
ASTM A 276• Specification for stainless steel bars and shapes
ASTM 666• Specification for annealed or cold worked austenitic stainless steel sheets
ASCE• Minimum design loads for buildings
c-technical-service-r-1 • Shop drawing with application details c-technical-service-r-2 • Structural analysis report c-technical-service-r-3 • Parametric design c-technical-service-r-4 • Finite element method stress analysis