HMPR Cast in channels are rolled channels with swaged studs that are cast in to concrete walls. This fixing system allows practical fixations into walls, slabs, beams and columns that securely transfer the loads on to the building’s substrate.

HTB T head bolts and HMLN lock nuts are available to allow secure and easy connections on to the cast in channels. The use of this system is applicable in a wide range of construction works.

Cast-in channels are first secured to the form work at designated positions. Channels are provided with filler to avoid the concrete from entering inside the channel slot.

The filler is taken out after the concrete has dried and connections are made with corresponding T head bolts and lock nuts at desired positions. Three dimensional adjustability is achieved through flexible design.

The use of cast-in channels for connections offers great advantages. The safe and reliable attachments with easy and quick production times lead to faster completions of the construction works.

The result is a quality finish at lower costs. The requirement of pre design and prefixing in construction offers great advantages.