The HB11 and T31 undercut bolts are designed for attachments on the rear surfaces of stone panels. This method of attachment becomes necessary when the use of conventional pin system is not suitable. The undercut stone attachment method has advantages which can result in various benefits in panel material cost and installation time. HAZ Metal provides service in the design and technical support for using these systems.
  • Free positioning of the undercut bolt anywhere on the rear side of the panel
  • Higher pull out values can be achieved using undercut bolts
  • Optimization of bending moments of the stone panels which result in thinner panels and larger panel dimensions.
The Pin & Kerf attachment system is the conventional method for attachments made to stone. A pin hole or a kerf groove is opened at the edge of stone panels. Plastic sleeves are used along with suitable resin to securely attach the pin or kerf in place. The use of this system is applicable for stone thickness of 3 cm and above, depending on the strength of the stone. A breaking load test at pin or kerf areas may be necessary to determine the correct thickness of stone panels that may differ for different natural stone types.
HFP Pin Attachment to Stone
Kerf Attachment to Stone
  • More freedom in facade design and anchor positioning
  • No need for expensive drilling equipment
  • Fine adjustment is possible
  • Fast and easy installation